Our Process

PEACE's Year takes place in 3 overall Processes - the Listening Process, the Research to Action Process, and the Investment Drive.

Summary of the Three Major Processes 


1. Listening Process 

PEACE strengthens relationships within congregations and identifies community problems by organizing a series of small group or individual 1-1 meetings to discuss things like “What in the community makes you angry? Or what in the community keeps you up at night worrying?” These discussions involve hundreds of people and surface a lot of problems.


a. Community Problems Assembly –This phase culminates at a Community Problems Assembly where we vote to select a few priorities for the year.

2. Research to Action Process

Leaders conduct research to understand & narrow down the scale of the problems selected, identify solutions that will make a lasting impact, and determine the officials with the authority to do something about it.


a. Nehemiah Action Assembly – This phase culminates with a major public meeting known as a Nehemiah Action Assembly. This is our largest meeting of the year. [Name of Your Organization] shows our power by bringing together (# turned out previous action & get larger each year) to meet with appropriate officials, and in front of this audience, negotiate specific commitments on the issues.

b. Rally – Prior to the Nehemiah Action Assembly we host a rally to hear results from our research committees, and get people excited so that they bring out large numbers of people to the Nehemiah Action.

3.  Investment Drive

In the last phase of the year, PEACE organizes an Investment Drive to raise money largely from our membership, as well as local businesses.


a. Justice Ministry Celebration – Investment Drive begins with this event where we lift up our accomplishments for the year and invite people to invest in our work.

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