Community IDs

Thousands in Palm Beach County suffer for lack of an acceptable form of identification. They are immigrants, persons re-entering society after prison, the homeless, elderly, and more. They need an ID in encounters with law enforcement, to open a bank account, to receive medical more, and more.

In our research, we found model Community ID Programs from throughout the country. We were particularly impressed with the Greensboro FaithAction ID Program

Legal Aid Society committed to establish a program, modeled after the Greensboro Program, if provided the funding. At our Nehemiah Action in April of 2018, West Palm Beach Mayor Muoio publicly committed to lead a coalition of cities who would get this Program funded, and up and running! Since then –

  • The City of West Palm Beach officially passed a resolution accepting the ID, and as of February has allocated $40,000 toward the creation of the Program
  • The City of Lake Worth officially passed a resolution accepting the ID (December)
  • The City of Boynton Beach has put consideration of a resolution and allocating $15,000 on their March 19th agenda

The total needed to operate the Program in the first year is $75,000. Given West Palm Beach's sizable allocation, Legal Aid Society now has enough money that they can start the Program. A Coordinator has been hired, and the first "ID Drive" will take place on Saturday, March 30th at St. Juliana Catholic Church!

Stay tuned for more details on the first ID Drive ...

And in the meantime, come out on March 19th to the Boynton Beach City Commission meeting (6:30 pm @ the Intracoastal Park Clubhouse), to ensure that Boynton Beach allocates funding, and accepts the ID!