2,000 People at the Past Six Nehemiah Action Assemblies

We have broken the threshold of 2,000 at the past six Nehemiah Action Assemblies! Up to 2,620 have been in attendance, united in their desire for a more just Palm Beach County. Their presence and the persistence of hundreds of leaders working to organize our turnout, research our issues, and conduct tough negotiations  with public officials have resulted in the following - 

Securing Funding for Affordable Housing

In November of 2009, PEACE got the County Commission to create a dedicated stream of revenue that would waive impact fees for the development of affordable housing. As a result, $2.4 million has gone toward funding 1,138 units of affordable housing.

Establishing a Neighborhood Accountability Board (NAB)

In 2013, PEACE got the city of West Palm Beach to establish and fund a Neighborhood Accountability Board program, which takes youthful offenders and puts them in a research-based program proven to turn their lives around.  

Stopping Out-of-School Suspensions

Since the 2012-2013 school year, out-of-school suspensions decreased by over 60% district-wide. This was a result of a commitment Superintendent Gent made at the Nehemiah Action 2013, to significantly cut down on these detrimental and unnecessary out-of-school suspensions.

Getting Money Back in the Hands of Wage Theft Victims

In 2013, PEACE got the County Commission to pass a Wage Theft Resolution, allocating money to the Legal Aid Society to take on cases of wage theft and creating a special Wage Theft Docket within the court system so that these cases could be swiftly heard. To date, nearly $1.2 million has been recovered for nearly 1,200 Palm Beach County wage theft victims.

Glades Jobs to Glades Residents!

In January of 2015, PEACE got the Board of County Commissioners to unanimously pass the Glades Employee Incentive Program, which provides a 30% salary reimbursement incentive to employers who hire Glades residents for County projects. 

Accepting Consular ID's to Cut Down on Unnecessary Arrests

In 2015, we discovered that nearly 500 undocumented members of our community were being taken to Jail yearly for the sole offense of driving without a license. In 2016, we succeeded in getting Sheriff Bradshaw to establish a policy accepting consular IDs (if those stopped for driving without a license can present a consular ID, they will be issued a citation but not taken to Jail). In the last two years, this policy saved nearly 600 people from being taken to jail – saving their dignity and saving our system $3 million.

Community ID of the Palm Beaches

On March 30, 2019 - after fighting for 3 years to get this Program started - the Community ID of the Palm Beaches was born! We have won commitments thus far from the cities of West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and Belle Glade to accept the ID (and from West Palm Beach - half to he overall funding needed for the Program). Coordinated by the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, the Community ID Program issues IDs to any resident of the County who is in need of an ID, to use as a valid, accepted form of identification. Thus far, close to 700 IDs have been issued.